Go Vote!

“Go Vote!” song and youtube clip – help spread it TODAY!!

I’d been thinking to write a song to encourage people to vote for a bit, and over the weekend a fun little tune came to me.  i recorded a video of me performing it in the hopes of maybe getting some viral action out of it.  If you have a minute, check out this video — song is called “Go Vote!” — and given the election is tomorrow, if you can share it and “like”/leave comments TODAY that would be so awesome!  Really could use the support w/ this!   THANK YOU!

“Go Vote!”


Well, we’ve had quite the trying week here in NYC and surrounding areas..  while i managed to come through Sandy unscathed, some friends and family of mine in Long Island and Rockaway Beach lost a lot, and their lives will be impacted for a long while.  I hope you and all your friends and loved ones have come through ok, and if you have suffered or have been displaced i hope that your lives regain normalcy very soon…………..