NEW SINGLE “Song of December” to be released 12/1/23

NEW SINGLE “Song of December” will be released on 12/1/23.

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About the song:
“I started writing “Song of December” in Dec 2017, and then hit a wall and put it down.. and it kind of got lost in the shuffle..  Then the following years around December I would revisit and chip away at it.. then in 2021 i put it in my calendar to work on the song everyday in December, and finally got it done!  In Dec 2022 i was releasing the “Between the Sea and the Sky” EP, so recording it got put off til this year.. In late Sept I got together with Wayne Silver of the Ice Plant (and my drummer Hiroyuki Matsuura) and began work on it and happily got it finished (and mastered by Alex Psadourakis) just last week! Can’t wait for you to hear it! :).

**There will be a release show at Rockwood Music Hall (stage 2) on Dec 3 to celebrate :–)