“LIVE @ Home” Sessions, nightly on FB and Instagram

Greetings from locked down NYC.
I would like to hear how you are all doing, so if we haven’t been in touch elsewhere, please send me a message (craiggreenbergmusic@gmail.com) and fill me in.
As many musicians have, I’ve been going LIVE on social media and performing.. and the response has been really amazing!  People definitely need music right now, and performing and connecting is keeping me sane, so I intend to be doing streaming shows as much as i can.   I’m doing a mix of playing original songs, covers, and improvising.  I’ve been donating 75% of all tips that come in to charities combating the effects of the Corona virus.
I’m on Facebook and Instagram at the same now too, so I hope you will tune in sometime and share with friends who might enjoy !
OK, everyone, please take care of each other and stay safe out there!