May 31st show @ Spin / “TELL ME” video w/ Anne Sila / Steel Bridge Songfest in WI!

Next Friday, I’ll be performing w/ the band at the Bud & Roach Seasonal Showcase at Spin. We’re one of 5 bands that made it into this final round (was an online competition.. THANKS again to all who voted!!).  Don’t know much about the venue other than it’s owned by Susan Sarandon and has ping pong?  What else do you need to know though really?? 😉

Info on the shows page or go to FB link –> and roach comp

I recently started a side project, working w/ an amazing singer from France named Anne Sila.  Well, we posted a little live performance clip of our song “Tell Me’ up on youtube, and it’s been REALLY well received–gotten 2,000 plays in a week and a half!!   We’ve both been blown away by the response!

**if you haven’t viewed this yet, PLEASE go check it out, and if you like it, PLEASE SHARE THIS LINK — — (AND LEAVE COMMENTS, GIVE THUMBS UP,ETC)  on any and all social media sites.  Send it to your relatives overseas or in Jersey… Really appreciate your support with this — these things don’t go viral on their own now! 😉

Getting REALLY excited for Steel Bridge Songfest next month in WI (June 9-16th)!   For 4 days I’ll be collaborating, writing and recording songs w/ songwriters from around the country (and the world!), then for 3 nights performing at venues all around town.
Returning to headline the fest this year will be JACKSON BROWNE!  As some of you may remember, I got to perform w/ Mr. Browne at this fest some years back..  Hoping I’ll have the opportunity to do again this year.. we shall see!

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